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Using a high quality air filter cleaner in your air conditioner

Air filter in your air conditioner accumulates not only visible debris but also microbial particles. The collected microbial particles can catch a person unaware and might cause contamination or illnesses.

Cleaning the air filter in your air conditioner should be done regularly. This will not only keep accumulated micro organisms at a minimum but will also ensure that the machine will work properly. If debris is blocking the passage of air, the air conditioner will not work efficiently.

Don’t just use cheap and ordinary air filter cleaners. Consider investing on high quality cleaners. Although they are generally more expensive, they do offer more benefits. For instance, these filters have complied with stringent ISO 5011 standards. This means that they went through the testing procedures and passed. That alone can clue you up as to the reliability of the air filter cleaner. In addition to that, these high quality filters have also undergone the Coarse Test Dust, a test designed to find out the capability of the filter in getting rid of comparatively bigger particles such as human hair. Human hair, when it collects in the air purifying systems, can block proper air flow and diminish its efficiency.

Basically, a high quality air filter cleaner is more superior in terms of efficiency and airflow. This is why if you want to make the most out of the air conditioning unit you bought, you should make sure to invest in these high quality air filters. Do not just compare in terms of price, also compare in terms of feature so you will end up buying the best one.

Different types of air filter cleaners

Before buying air filter cleaners, it is a good idea to make a list of the types of air filters out there so you can narrow down your options to the best ones. Choosing air filter cleaners, as you know, is a serious business as it can mean the health of your family. And since there are some air filter cleaners that do not boast of fine quality, you’d want to look around and search for the best type. Most common types of air filters are:

  • Ionic Air Filters

    Just like what their name suggest, they make use of anions, the negatively-charged ions. This is effective because anions work in drawing particles in the air. A process called deionization ensues and this will then keep the air you are breathing clean.

  • HEPA or High Efficiency Particulate Absorbing Air Filters

    This type of air filter is effective in getting rid of up to 99.97% of harmful microbial particles in the air. This would make them far more effective in cleaning the air than your regular Ionic Air Filter but that would still depend on the structure of the fiber of the HEPA filter.

  • Carbon Air Filters

    This works hand in hand with oxygen. When oxygen seeps through, the pores of the carbon filter expand to absorb particles. It is also effective in eliminating odor in the room. If you have a problem with lingering cigarette smell or muskiness in unused rooms, carbon air filters is the best way to go.

Don’t forget to try UV light air filters, the newest form of air filter and perhaps the most sophisticated. It uses UV light to kill airborne and surface microbial particles.

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