Dual Fuel System
What is a dual fuel system hvac unit

In this day and age where people seek efficiency in most of the appliances and equipments they are using at home, the dual fuel system HVAC unit reigns supreme in the heat-emitting machine department.

Also known as the dual-fuel heat pump, this machine is both an electric heat pump and a gas furnace. Why is there a need to combine these two, you ask? An electric heat pump is a practical solution if you are living in places with forgiving climates. It does not generate heat but rather uses heat in the air and transfers it in the areas of your home where heat is needed. Because of this function, the electric heat pump proves to be valuable in terms of energy-efficiency. Additionally, electric heat pumps also help in cooling down temperature during the long summer months. It takes cool air from outside sources and directs them inside the house.

A gas furnace is a tad more effective in heating up a room. It is indispensable if you are living in countries with sub-zero temperatures during the winter season.

A dual fuel system HVAC unit allows the user to get the best of both worlds. If the climate is mild as in the spring and autumn season, you can use the electric heat pump mechanism of the equipment. If the weather is frigid, the gas furnace comes handy.

It allows you to pick the machine that is most suitable for your current needs. An all-in-one machine like this will save you more money compared to buying two separate heat-producing units.

Benefits of a dual fuel system heating and air conditioner

“What are the benefits of a duel fuel system heating and air conditioner” is perhaps one of the most commonly asked questions in picking the best temperature-regulating equipments at home. It’s difficult to keep up with changing climates. However, you can make your work easier by opting for this dual heating and cooling system.

  • A dual fuel system heating and air conditioner works as a heater and a cooler. It has an electric heat pump and a gas furnace. The former works in keeping internal temperature cool during summer months by taking cool air from outside sources and transferring it inside and taking hot air from inside sources and dispelling them outside. You can say it also works in keeping your home nice and warm during comparatively balmy seasons such as spring and autumn.
  • The other part of the machine, the gas furnace, can be used when the weather becomes really unforgiving, such as during the cold winter months. It works better in generating heat compared to the heat pump so you can use this when you need a warmer and toastier environment inside your home.
  • These functions make the dual fuel system efficient. The heat pump does not generate heat, merely transfers existing heat, so it does not consume that much energy. Moreover, instead of using the more energy-consuming gas furnace, you use this when the weather isn’t that intense.
  • You can save a lot of money by opting for the dual fuel system. Instead of buying separate equipments, which also takes up a lot of space, you can invest in this and cut down on cost and consumption.
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