How to properly care for your furnace

Home owners will find furnaces very easy to maintain. But just like many equipments, you’ll also need to keep them in tip top shape every now and then in order to ensure that they are functioning well. A lot of things can cause their efficiency and their heat-emitting ability to dwindle over time.

  • Furnace maintenance is fairly easy

    Try to make a schedule of the things you should do so that you won’t find the whole process daunting.
    For instance, pick a day in a month for routine gas leak checks. It’s very easy to detect though because you can easily smell the gas leaking from the furnace. Check the yellow pages for experts on fixing gas leaks and save their number so you can call them when the need arises.

  • Check the thermostat

    You can tell if the thermostat is not working properly if the temperature has gotten really cold or really hot even though you have set it up to the right temperature.

  • Replacing the air filters

    Another important maintenance tip you should consider is replacing the air filters. It’s easy to purchase replacement filters as you can get it in different hardware stores. Regularly changing the air filters will ensure that your furnace is generating the right amount of heat.

  • Cleaning the furnace

    Cleaning the furnace is also paramount as dirt and soot can build up. Get rid of the dirt that has build up in the machine’s blower using a soft-bristled brush. You can also purchase a vacuum hose that will do the work in getting rid of debris in the machine’s motor.

Benefits of a high efficiency gas furnace
  • Efficiency has always been an issue when it comes to heat-producing or heat-emitting home equipments. These equipments are some of the biggest energy hogs at home. Because building heat requires a lot of energy, home owners must find ways to cut down on energy consumption. In light of recent energy issues, upgrading to a high efficiency gas furnace might prove to be a sterling idea.
  • One of the benefits of newer and more sophisticated high efficiency gas furnaces is their use of electronic ignition technology. It replaces the old pilot light mechanism, which is one of the most common energy consumers in regular gas furnaces. Electronic Ignition Technology is only used when the furnace is used, which will definitely save the users a lot of energy, and eventually a lot of money.
  • In addition to this, high efficiency gas furnaces boast of automatic features such as vent damper system. This feature automatically prevents the release of fuel when the machine’s burner is not activated by the user.
  • Also, a high efficiency furnace allows the heat to be expelled in areas where they are needed. Unlike the old version, hot air does not circulate in an unused space freely.
  • If you have put up with your old gas furnace for years now, you might want to give the high efficiency ones a go. They are more sophisticated. Although you are going to spend money on a new machine, you will be able to get that money back when you do use it.
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