Controlling your electric bill with digital thermostats

Electricity price seem to increase at an alarming rate and there doesn’t seem to be any way of slowing it down or reducing it. Unless you want to diminish the quality of your life and let go of the usual comforts you have been enjoying, you’d have to deal with exorbitant electric bills all the time.

On the other hand, technology has paved the way for more energy-efficient equipments at home. The digital thermostat is one. As you probably know, appliances that generate heat or control temperature consume a hefty lot of energy. By simply incorporating a digital thermostat at home, you can manage your electric bills.

A digital thermostat is programmable. Home owners can set it up so it will automatically adjust temperature depending on the current indoor temperature. What makes this a great addition to your home equipments is that it takes the place of manual programming. People often forget to turn off the heater or the air conditioner when they go out for errands or when they leave the house for the day.

These digital thermostats are flexible. Some brands and models will allow you to program it and save those programming functions on different days of the weeks. For instance, you can keep it running frequently on the weekends if you are almost always home. You can also set up different functions on certain times of the day. Not only is it energy-efficient, it also offers you convenience! You’d also be able to get back the money you invested on it with the amount of electricity you are saving.

New technology in thermostats

How much energy does your household consume? I bet my dollar that a large part of your monthly energy consumption is due to your regular use of heaters and air conditioners. But since we can’t live without these home appliances, especially in this day of Polar Vortex and heat waves, we have to put up with these costly electric bills.

All that is about to change with the advent of more sophisticated thermostats. Digital thermostats are used to mechanically control heating and cooling settings in the house. With these, you no longer have to worry about remembering when to turn your heater off or on.

Nest Labs have introduced a new technology in thermostats are:

  • The Learning Thermostat

    It’s a small, almost nondescript device that you install somewhere in your house. It boasts of smart functions that allow the users to come up with the best heating and cooling systems at home. This improved programming function also improves efficiency so that users can tweak the settings to suit their particular needs.

  • Another new technology that new thermostats boast of is their remote software updates so even if the home owner is away, tweaking the settings of the thermostats can still be done.

    Imagine thermostats working like your smartphones. They are more responsive now, with some models equipped with WiFi functions.

Keep an eye out for these developments and inspect the ones that are already in the market. You’d be surprised at how much money you’ll save by simply incorporating a smart thermostat at home.

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