Ultra Violet Air Purification
How ultra violet air purification works

Ultra violet air purification has been gaining popularity in the past few years. It is because it promises a lot of benefits that every home owner should mull over to ensure the health of every family member.

What makes ultra violet air purification equipments different from other air purifying machines is that they use ultra violet rays to kill micro organisms. In standard air filters, it relies on constant air flow system in order to sift out bad air riddled with microbial particles. But in ultra violet air purifying systems, they ensure that the air you breathe at home is devoid of microbial particles, particles that ordinary air filters might not be able to kill.

Ultra violet light is effective in annihilating existing molds and mildew as well so if your home is riddled with these allergenic compounds, you might want to try installing this machine to control the problem. These UV light can also kill more dangerous viruses and germs.

There are more benefits to using these purifying systems other than on a health level.

  • Ultra violet air purification systems are purportedly more energy efficient.
  • There is also no risk of exposure to collected allergens as opposed to traditional filtration systems that require the regular replacement of filters.

The only downside is that these machines are still comparatively more expensive. Being new to the market, there are only a limited number of models and brands to choose from. And once you do decide to invest in this home equipment, you’d also have to go the extra mile in replacing the UV light bulbs every year for optimum efficiency.

Health benefits of installing an ultra violet air purification system

Keeping your home clean is an endless battle. Sometimes, what looks clean is not really clean. Bacteria lurk in corners and surfaces. The air you breathe might even be contaminated by these micro organisms.

Enter ultra violet air purification systems. These are some of the newest air filtration or air purifying systems known to us today. They are purportedly what would put an end to the standard air filtration systems that most people use in their home. Unlike their predecessors, these newer models of purifying systems do not make use of filters. They use UV technology that promotes a myriad of health benefits.

UV technology effectively kills germs, bacteria and viruses. In the usual air filtration systems, they are only separated from the air we breathe and redirected to the filter, a system that does not boast of reliability.

UV light from these air purifying systems can protect you from allergic reactions and chronic exposure to harmful microbial particles. In addition to that, it also works in getting rid of the micro organisms on surfaces such as floors and tables. If you missed a spot when you were cleaning, this will finish off the job.

According to experts, UV technology is so effective in keeping your home clean on a microbial level that it can keep debilitating illnesses such as smallpox, measles and tuberculosis at bay. In case you let in guests with these illnesses, chances of them transferring the illness to your home are slim. These germicidal benefits are definitely some of the reasons why UV air purifiers are gaining popularity these days.

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